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Feasibility Studies

Many projects, especially those that require public support or fundraising to continue, benefit from a broad brush analysis aimed at establishing the general characteristics of the design, major cost elements and overall potential to meet expressed needs.   The ability to integrate a wide variety of information in a short time at a low overall cost is key to good feasibility studies.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design studies the general scope, scale and relationships of the components of the project. We will create one or more  understandable and feasible design concepts while exploring promising alternative design solutions. We will prepare rough plans to show the general arrangement of rooms and of the building on the site. 3D illustrations will help you visualize the possibilities.

Design Development

Once a schematic design is approved, we determine that the design meets building codes. We develop detailed drawings illustrating other aspects of the proposed design. Floor plans show proposed space uses. Outline specifications describe primary construction materials and room finishes. Our consulting  engineers advise on the structural, mechanical and electrical systems.

Interior Design

We think it important to create environments that are comfortable, relaxing, and helps us function effectively. Through the artful selection of colors, finishes and textures  we integrate the architecture of the building and the occupant’s functional into a pleasing whole.

Construction Documentation

To establish actual construction cost and obtain building permits, we prepare detailed working drawings (sometimes called blueprints) and specifications. These drawings and specifications become part of the construction contract and are used by the construction team to build the project.

Construction Administration

While Contractors will physically build the project and remain responsible for construction methods, techniques, and schedules we can assist owners by making site visits. These periodic inspections and meetings determine, in general, if the project is being built according to our plans and specifications. We may also review and approve the Contractor’s applications for payment, process change orders, and generally keep the Owner informed of the project’s progress.

Post Occupancy Evaluations and Needs Assessments

Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE) provide an organized view of the degree to which a building meets the needs of the occupants and users. We prepare Post Occupancy Evaluations and Needs Assessments using several techniques, including surveys, face-to-face interviews and photographic documentation of building conditions.